Monday, December 3, 2007

Fastness of Dyed Textiles

Dyeing is defined as an operation or a series of operation by means of which uniform color of permanent character is produced on a substrate. This implies that it should not be possible to wash the color out easily in laundering, nor should it fade rapidly when exposed to light. There is probably no dye, which can be guaranteed not to alter shade under all condition. Wide variation in the fastness properties of dyes are observed on number of factors, e.g. chemical constitution of the dye, nature of substrate, method of application, auxiliary chemicals added during dyeing etc.
A number of tests are necessary to cover all the important properties of any one dye because good fastness to one influence is not necessarily accompanied by equal fastness to exposure to other condition.Tests may be divided into those of customer significance, such as light, wash; perspiration, rubbing, sublimation and hose concern only the unshrinkable treatment, carbonization etc.

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