Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pilling of garment

Pilling is a garment surface fault characterized by little pills of entangled fibre and clinging to the cloth surface and giving the garment an unsightly appearance. The pills are formed during wear and washing by the entanglement of loose fibre, which protrude from the fabric surface, under the influence of rubbing action. These loose fibres develop into small spherical bundles anchored to the fabric by a unbroken fibres.

Polyester, PAN, nylon etc are strong fibre and pills forms on the garment made out of these fibres accumulate more and more making garment more unsightly.

To minimize pilling tendency, higher twist factor for yarns, the brushing and cropping of fabric surface and special chemical treatments can be used. Also, increasing the filament denier can also minimize the pilling tendency of the garments.

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G. Lyberopoulos S.A. - Machinery trading said...

Singeing process can be used in order to minimize the appearance of fibre pilling effect.
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