Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Basic dyeing of cellulosics

The dye bath is set with the following recipe and then the dyeing is performed according to the process given below:

The fabric is loaded in the rota dyeing machine and then the fabric is run for 10min at a temperature of 40C, with the dye solution in the m/c. After 10 minutes pre-dissolved salt solution is added in two lots and dye bath was heated simultaneously at 2° C/min. Finally temperature of the dye bath was set at 85– 90° C and dyeing was continued at this temperature for 60min. After the completion of dyeing the exhausted dye bath was drained and dyed material was rinsed with cold water followed by soaping and washing.

Washing off Treatments After dyeing, different washing off treatments can be carried out, time - temperature profile of those after treatments are given below. All the treatments have done in a MLR of 1:20.

CR=Cold Rinse: The dyed sample after neutralization treated with cold water for 5min at a MLR of 1:30.

HR=Hot Rinse: The dyed sample treated with hot water at 70oC for 5min at a MLR of 1:30.
SB=Soap at Boil: The sample is treated with 1gpl Auxipon NP, at boil for 10min at a MLR of 1:30

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