Saturday, November 29, 2008

Textiles toys

As all of us knows textile has already cross its barriers from traditional apparels to various other fields such as geotech, agritech, industrial application, autotech and sporttech. A lot of books and papers are available on such an application. But apart from these advanced high tech applications textile from ancient times have been used for non apparel applications. One of such application is use of textiles in preparing toys.

Various toys made up from textile materials have been made from the years ago. Today the market for such textile toys is tremendous. In the year 2005-06, the total toy industry was $2.2 billion globally toy industry growing at five per cent. Moreover China is a major player and forms about 70 per cent of the total global toy market.

Typical textile toys are various animal shaped toys, designed pillows, etc are made up of stuff polyfoam beads with outer cloth material of spandex, polyester, etc. These textile toys are easily available in the retail shops and on internet shopping sites with a good variety.

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