Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fibre Classification, Cotton fibre 1

What is Fibre

Fibre is a unit matter, which possesses the properties of fineness, flexibility and a high ratio of length to thickness to be used in textile. It is a smallest unit used in a textile structure. It may be combined with others to make yarn or fabric.

Classification of Textile Fibres Based on Origin
Classification of Textile Fibres based on its chemical constitution

Cotton Fibre

- It is Natural, Vegetable, Cellulosic fibre

- It is the Oldest fibre reportedly found in found in Indus valley

- Account for more than 50% of total world fibre production

- Botanically belongs to Gossypium Family

- Productive regions accdg. to importance

1. US 2. India 3. Russia 4. Brasil 5. Egypt 6. China