Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nomenclature of dyes:

Certain letters appear after the words indicative of the color of the dye. These represent the tone of the dye and also the intensity of the tone. This G indicates GELB= yellowish tone, R indicates ROT= reddish tone, and B indicates BLEU=bluish tone. Alkali fast Green 3B is a green acid dye with considerable bluish tone. (This is indicated by the suffix 3B.)

In case of Vat dyes the names would appear as Indanthrene Yellow RK, here R indicates ROT= reddish tone and K indicates that the dye is of IK class. If the letter N appears instead of K then it indicates that the dye is of IN class.

In case of reactive dyes the letter C indicates that the dye is cold brand dye. H indicates the dyes are hot brand dye.

Suffix or addition Meaning Example Class of the dye (if specific)
G, R, B Gelb=yellowish, Rot=reddish, Bleu=bluish tone indication Cloth red G, red dye with yellowish tint ------
2G, 3G etc Indicates the increasing tone  Indanthrene yellow 4GK, and IY 5GK ------
L Indicates that the dye is fast to light Basacryl yellow 7GL  ------
C, H Cold brand dye, Hot brand dye Premative C, Procion H Reactive dyes
HE ME etc High exhaustion, medium exhaustion etc   Reactive
HE ME etc High energy etc   Disperse

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